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  3. Denied. SCP-082 was PK'd by SCP-035 recently and will be removed from the server.
  4. Joe Biden DNA as soon as possible. - Childe // @Johnston
  5. This seems like a very interesting suggestion, maybe this could be added to SCP-076-2 as well as he is also quite strong?
  6. I tried this, thank you. Unfortunately I am, for whatever reason, still unable to view the server.
  7. Styx

    Server Gone?

    Hi! We're expecting some delays. MTF were nerfed again and they're on strike. Just give it a few days
  8. Spark and Pownage after the shutdown of SCPRP look to start up a new server. After careful consideration they decide to make a Minecraft server! The server opens and players of the old server begin to pour in.
  9. When's the cannon raid?
  10. Try factory resetting gmod or reinstalling it
  11. Yesterday
  13. I came to pay my respects, it was a pleasure meeting you people, and it’s at times where your about to lose something that you realize how you took it for granted. I’m sure we will meet again some day
  14. You are NEVER coming back to Parallax Gaming.
  15. gains

    Server Gone?

    Hey! I'm on the server just fine, a bit confused. I'm playing as Commander right now and we're getting ready for Flame's canon raid.
  16. Or more specifically a lack thereof? I'm going to have to check that. I'll get back to you.
  17. Agreed who made this? This is so useless.
  18. On October 24th, 2021, Captain Maxamillion was declared K.I.A. due to a UA Event in Area-36 In the event of Anderson Armitage Maxamillion's Death, All surviving personnel deemed his "Friends" would receive a voice recording from him dating back just 3 days before his death. **The Recording is sent to the following:** Dr. Nightmare // @Apollyon Nightmare SAE Cadet "Mute" // @Foundations Best Pilot // They will get a DM Containing the message 😉 // Goodbye Parallax, We've had a good run and I will miss it, being my first ever server I wish it would've lasted longer. I Hope to see alot of you again in other servers I play. MR. CAPTIN MAXAMILLION SIGNIN OUT!
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